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“Surround yourself with people who add the fuel of advice and encouragement to your


— Dave Ramsey



Are you frightened of the IRS and filing taxes?  (Who isn't??!!)


Do you absolutely hate filing taxes?  (Who doesn't??!!)


Do you want your taxes to just be filed painlessly and have it over with?  (Of course you do!!)


Then you've come to the right website!  We handle your fear, share your dislike of the IRS, and make your experience fun!


Stewart-Longhurst PS is the home of professional accountants that specialize in income tax preparation for individuals, corporations, and partnerships, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax planning.  For over a decade, we were the Endorsed Local Provider for the Dave Ramsey show exclusively for Spokane and still abide by his principles and help our clients with the "heart of a teacher."  Our CPAs are highly trained with years of knowledge and experience, especially in real estate and small family businesses.  We are available year-round.  In fact, in most cases, your annual tax preparation fee will allow you to obtain access to our professionals year-round for answers to your basic questions. 


See what our clients have to say about us below:​​​​​​​


A Firm You Can Trust

“Greg, Hanna, and the staff at Stewart-Longhurst PS give every client their absolute best efforts. They are as honest and fair a company as you’ll find, and always put their client’s best interests first. They are simply people you can trust.”

Working Wonders

"I was in pretty bad shape when I came in here. I was confused, upset, and worried about my taxes, and you and your husband have worked wonders on my stuff."


"Thank you so much for your help this year I could’ve never done this on my own."


Making a Difference

“I would like you and your firm to know how you have made me feel.  Tax time is not easy for anyone but your special ways made me feel that I am as important as the guy who has lots of money.  If I had questions you explained it so I could understand it.  You went out of your way to make me feel at ease because I was really worried about things.. . you are people who make a difference in people’s lives."


Doing Our Best to Accommodate Our Client's Needs

"Thank you guys for accomodating my short timeline to process my state tax returns. I really appreciate your service!"


“Thanks for your excellent work on our tax return!  Really great work and great advice! It’s really nice to have a tax professional working on our taxes that knows and understands our financial plans.”


Wanting Our Clients to Succeed Financially

"Meeting with Hanna was the best money we spent!"

"I just wanted to thank you for giving me Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover Book. When I finally got myself to open it I devoured it...

"I've got a budget, I'm going back to school, and I have a plan for our family...

"Thank you! God Bless!"

"Very efficient at getting me a fat refund every year at a quite reasonable cost!  Worth every penny!"  --Steve


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