We Go to Bat for Our Clients, No Matter What the Odds

One of our favorite clients is a small family-run business in the construction industry.  This highly successful business went into a tragic slump when the husband came down with cancer and passed away just a few short months later.  During those months, the business understandably went into chaos and Federal Payroll Tax Deposits were missed.

It didn’t take long for the IRS to come knocking and wanting their payroll money.  The now widowed-wife came to us in tears, desperate for our help.  We were able to successfully arrange an installment agreement, but when we talked to the IRS agent about abating the late penalties, which totaled nearly $17,000, she said "no way." She assured us that a death in the family is no excuse to not pay taxes on a timely basis (which is true) and told us to not even bother to try to get the penalties abated.  That was almost like a challenge to a duel for us and we set out to get full abatement.

We drafted a letter explaining the faithfulness of this successful business in always paying its taxes on time in the past, the incomprehensible loss the death of the founder was to the business, and how the remaining family members had since regrouped and set out to catch up on their taxes and put the business back into high gear.
A short time letter we received a letter from the IRS granting full abatement. That day a very grateful client did a dance in our lobby!

We are a Firm You Can Trust

“Greg, Hanna, and the staff at Stewart-Longhurst PS give every client their absolute best efforts. They are as honest and fair a company as you’ll find, and always put their client’s best interests first. They are simply people you can trust.”

We Work Wonders

"I was in pretty bad shape when I came in here. I was confused, upset, and worried about my taxes, and you and your husband have worked wonders on my stuff."

We Make a Difference

“I would like you and your firm to know how you have made me feel.  Tax time is not easy for anyone but your special ways made me feel that I am as important as the guy who has lots of money.  If I had questions you explained it so I could understand it.  You went out of your way to make me feel at ease because I was really worried about things.. . you are people who make a difference in people’s lives."         --Rochelle

 We Do Our Best to Accommodate Our Client's Needs

"Thank you guys for accomadating my short timeline to process my state tax returns. I really appreciate your service!"

We Want Our Clients to Succeed Financially

"I just wanted to thank you for giving me Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover Book. When I finally got myself to open it I devoured it...

"I've got a budget, I'm going back to school, and I have a plan for our family...

"Thank you! God Bless!"


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