We are here to serve you in many ways………..

We are trained and experienced in all facets of income tax preparation and planning. But in addition to Income Tax Preparation, we also provide the following services:

  • Bookkeeping: We offer full service bookkeeping including bill paying, sales tax, payroll, and quarterlies.
  • Income Tax Preparation – We prepare taxes for Individuals, Families, Businesses, Corporations, LLCs and Partnerships.
  • Home-Based Business Deductions: We are the only firm in the Spokane area that has been trained by the Tax Reduction Institute in the deduction of home-based businesses. Our 45-minute one-on-one class provides you with an extensive checklist of valid business deductions you can deduct and how to properly audit-proof them through adequate documentation.
  • QuickBooks: We are affiliated with an expert who will train you one-on-one regarding issues specific to your business.
  • Tax Planning: We believe that anybody can take your numbers, type them into a computer, and print you out a tax return. At our firm, we encourage you to set an appointment during the off-season to go over your tax situation and plan for the future. Doing so usually saves you thousands in tax dollars!



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