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Are you struggling to keep your books straight? Is Quickbooks confusing you? Or maybe the bookkeeper you have just doesn't offer everything you're looking for?

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As announced via mail & newsletter, Greg & Hanna Stewart-Longhurst are off serving a mission in California until about Mid-December. Meet the team who will continue to work with you while Greg & Hanna focus on serving the people of California.
Colin Graham
CPA, Tax Pro
Ella Billman
Bookkeeper, Tax Pro
Elizabeth Roberts
Office Administrator
Update on Greg & Hanna
We have been asked to serve in the Lake County area of Northern California, just northeast of Santa Rosa and west of Sacramento.  Possibly like some of you, we were somewhat baffled as to why our church would want us to serve in California.  After all, we have close friends serving missions in the Philippines, New Zealand and Cameroon (Western Africa.)  Why California?  But now that we are here, we see clearly why.  We are working in an area that is very difficult.  The poverty level is astounding, and the violent crime rates lead the nation.  44% of the roads here are unpaved.  We had no idea that such conditions existed within our own country!  We are working to assess the needs of the people here and do what we can to meet those needs.  Along with that, we are inviting them to join a church family and come closer to the Lord.  We’ve just been here a short time, but already feel like we are making a difference.  If you believe in prayer, we ask that you join us in sending prayers and thoughts to the people of this area.
-Greg & Hanna

Thank you for your support of both Greg & Hanna, and the staff at Stewart-Longhurst during this time. If you have any questions, please reach out to Elizabeth at
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